All About Table Tennis

Learning the Table Tennis Rules

You must know that table tennis is certainly one of the fastest as well as most skillful games being played in different parts of the world. Moreover, this is known as TT or ping pong and the rules included can be a bit confusing for those who don't know much about such sport but these are really not that complicated though.

The table tennis is one popular game which is being played on the table with the use of a ball and racket. This may be played between two players which is called singles or between two teams with 2 players in each team and this is called doubles. Such kind of game or sport actually originated in Great Britain in the year 1800s. Now, such kind of sport has been made popular in different parts of the globe.

If you are not quite familiar with this, you should know that the game begins with a toss and the winner will get to decide if he would like to serve, get the serve or choose the side of play. When it comes to serving the ball, the server would hold the racket in one hand and the ball is in the free hand that needs to be higher than the surface of the table and behind the endline of the table from joola tour 1500 indoor table tennis table review. One needs to toss the ball up to about six inches. One cannot spin it with the hand and should only be hit on descent.

After hitting the ball, this should bounce once on the side of the server and then once on the side of the opponent. The server would lose the point if the ball would hit the net or if it brushes the net and falls out of the table. When it brushes the net and such would fall on the opponent's side, the serve must be taken again. Know that the serve changes to the other player after the two points in the game. You can also learn more about table tennis by checking out the post at

Following the serve, every shot must be returned directly onto the opponent's half of the table. It is okay if the shot would brush the net going to the other side. The player would win a point if the opponent fails to return the shot or when he hits the ball in his own half of the net or outside the table. The ping pong game is made up of 11 points for a win. There should be a difference of at least two points to win the game.